TGI Secures Financial Firm’s Printed and Scanned Documents

Posted March 2018

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This leading investment bank and full-service investment firm provides financial services and advice to high net worth investors, individuals, businesses and institutions for over 130 years.

Security was of utmost importance to this financial firm. They were also in need of a secure printing solution where their print job was only able to be retrieved at the device by the person that sent the print job. They wanted key card access to grant device functions for each user. They wanted to be sure that scanning was secure as well as the delivery of scanned documents to network shares. The ability to search the text in documents scanned as PDFs was a requirement. This is referred to as OCR, optical character recognition.

TGI proposed Ricoh StreamLine NX software solution. This a suite of document management applications that work seamlessly together to gain control of the entire document workflows.
We addressed their security requests by making sure print jobs are stored on a server and can only be collected by the person (or designated other) who sent them to print. They can retrieve them from any networked Ricoh/Lanier MFP device within the organization – on the premise or another company site, even in a different country. This stops documents being picked up by the wrong person and it ensures scanned documents are always sent to the right folders and accessed by only authorized personnel. As every interaction is recorded, they have an audit trail making it easier to achieve compliance.
We established an integrated identification system that can restrict access to MFD functions. It enables IT administrators to define user access to different printing functions, folders and workflows. This enhances security, reduces documents being uploaded to the wrong workflows. They are able to access reports to provide greater visibility of what is being printed, by whom, how much they’re printing and by which device. These reports can be used to identify further efficiencies and cost savings. With their direction we set up print quotas which are used to control and restrict users to sensible use by allocating an allowance.
They chose to move forward with the solution because they were reassured that TGI would provide engineer level support for all solutions offered.

They document security goals were achieved and exceeded with the suite of solutions TGI put in place. They now have secure access to their multifunction copier/printer/scanner devices by using identification cards. They are now in control of the printing and scanning across their entire fleet of equipment.

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