TGI’s New Complimentary Cartridge Recycling Program

Posted July 2019

Complimentary Cartridge Recycling Program

TGI’s Complimentary Cartridge Recycling Program

TGI and Recycle Responsible Printer Cartridge and Fuser Recycling

We are pleased to announce a new, simplified recycling program for our clients! Previously each manufacturer had their own program with different guidelines that were constantly changing. This could be confusing and cumbersome. TGI’s New Complimentary Cartridge Recycling Program has collaborated with Recycle Responsible to provide a reliable, free & responsible way to recycle printer cartridges and fusers from ALL manufacturers.

Let’s get started! From the TGI website select Support and then Cartridge Recycling Program.

New users will click the first link in the second paragraph to sign up by completing a brief form.

Existing users have 2 options after Signing In:
Option 1:
Fill a sturdy box with at least 20 lbs (6 empty toner cartridges weigh approximately 20 lbs), or 20 mixed ink/toner items. Add the label to your cart to download and print. Tape the label to the box, seal it shut, and give it to a UPS driver or take it to a UPS drop off location.

If you don’t have a box:
Option 2:
Recycle Responsible also offers to ship cardboard boxes. A pack of 4 or 8 can be added to your cart. Pre-paid UPS shipping labels are attached to each box. You will receive the boxes and labels in 7-10 business days. They will be delivered by UPS.

Accepted Items:
Recycle Responsible accepts all brands of empty printer cartridges. They also accept printer fusers. They do not accept toner tubes, toner bottles, toner tanks, ribbons, dye cartridges, liquid ink tubes, bottles or jugs. These should be disposed with your company’s recycled plastics.

Should you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. Thank you for participating! Click here to learn more about TGI’s Green Initiatives.

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