Three Most Impactful Business Solutions Offerings

Posted October 2017

Business Solutions

At TGI, we are often asked what latest offerings are most impactful to our customers. We rounded up the top three business solutions that have been growing rapidly and providing our clients with the most beneficial results.

Security Solutions
Over the last few years, almost everyone has been impacted by security issues in their personal and professional lives. The news has covered numerous security breaches including the recent Wannacry ransomware and the newly announced Equifax identity theft affecting millions of people. In the past, most organizations could get by with minimal security, and people thought “it will never happen to me,” but companies are realizing that it is no longer the case. TGI is working with our clients to improve the security of their network as well as their printing and scanning infrastructures. We help them with vulnerability testing and provide professional services and software to monitor and manage their network security holistically. This includes fleet management, network monitoring, print management software, and card readers for authentication to secure the access employees and guests have to print and scan.

Document Management and Business Automation
The predictions from 10 or 15 years ago that paper was going away were wrong, at least for the moment, but the way that we create, store, and share paper has definitely changed. An increasing number of businesses are moving toward electronic imaging for processes which were previously entirely paper based. Smart organizations are realizing a tremendous increase in productivity and reducing risk by converting paper processes and automating the capture of information which creates a competitive advantage. TGI has been at the forefront of this shift for the last decade and we have seen an even broader acceptance of document management technology in the last few years. Even small businesses are seeing the benefit of workflow automation and can now take advantage of technology which used to only be within reach of larger organizations.

Cloud Services
As businesses strive to improve security and shift their processes to rely on technology, they are also embracing the concept of Cloud Services. The financial benefits of not having to deal with the expense of infrastructure and maintenance costs are proving themselves. Internet connection speeds and reliability are improving and prices for higher bandwidth are dropping. There is a steady shift to a more mobile work environment where everyone needs to be able to access information from anywhere. TGI has been leveraging this trend by expanding and promoting our cloud based solutions. Our cloud services offerings, such as fax services, scanning applications, file storage, document management, IT support, server infrastructures, etc. have been growing at a rapid rate.

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Authored in part by Brian Sampietro, TGI’s CIO.

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