Transform Paper Documents into Electronic, Editable Files with TGI Convert

Posted November 2014

TGI Convert

Have you ever had a document that you wish was electronic? TGI Convert can easily convert static paper and PDF documents into editable formats such as Microsoft Word, Excel, or text-searchable PDF files.

Everyone has experienced not being able to track down the original electronic version of a document. This powerful tool takes away that hassle. There is no longer a need to retype documents.

TGI Convert is a unique OCR (Optical Character Recognition) solution that integrates with TGI MFPs to enable one-touch automatic OCR and conversion of paper documents into searchable or editable digital documents that can be sent to a predefined shared network folder. The user will be able to walk up to the MFP and scan documents to this folder and pick the format they want it to be saved all in one step without using their computer or any desktop software.

It is a simple solution to a complex problem, and a great way to significantly increase productivity. Could your company benefit from TGI Convert? Click to contact one of our experts today.

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