Turn your MFP into a Productivity Powerhouse

Posted October 2020

Productivity Powerhouse

MFP into a Productivity Powerhouse: Your Ricoh copier can do a whole lot more than a copy. It can help improve productivity by simplifying and automating common document workflow tasks. If you’ve ever had to scan, email, download, convert, save to a folder, upload, or organize files, you know how time-consuming these manual tasks can be. With RICOH Smart Integration, you can quickly route your documents to the right place, in the right format, with the right file name, and easily print from smartphones and tablets.

Get files to the right place
No matter where you need your files to go, Smart Integration helps you get them there efficiently. Email a delivery receipt to multiple people. Send your documents to a local folder, a cloud account (such as Box™, Dropbox™ or Google Drive™), or SharePoint®. Store a customer record in two systems. Simplify manual and time-consuming tasks with automated scanning and routing processes — so you can send your documents to the right destination with the push of a button.

… in the right format
Smart Integration helps make scanned documents usable by converting hardcopy documents to editable, searchable formats with optical character recognition (OCR). Scanned documents can be converted to various file formats — including Word®, Excel®, PDF, and PDF-A.

… with the right file name
Converted documents are only useful if you can find them later. With Smart Integration, you can organize documents with consistent folder and file naming conventions, as well as document metadata, making it easy to find documents when you need them.

Keep staff productive
If your staff spends too much time on mundane, manual document workflow tasks, it’s time for your multifunction printer to work harder on their behalf. With automation, you can free up their time for other important projects that better serve the needs of your business and your customers.

Unlock even more features – MFP into a Productivity Powerhouse
Legal and Healthcare add-ons can give you even more functionality. Add device-level authentication, including card authentication support. Enable secured print release. Track device utilization and device status from your web browser. Add Bates Stamping features and simplify court eFiling. Improve healthcare office productivity and automate patient onboarding into DrChrono.

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