Collaborate & Captivate with Interactive Whiteboards

Posted October 2020

Interactive Whiteboards

TGI’s Interactive Whiteboards encourage innovative, engaging, hands-on collaboration. Focus your team’s efforts via a high-quality digital whiteboard display, change details on the fly and exchange ideas in real time.

Inspire more participation during meetings and presentations with our enterprise-grade displays. Bring team members and customers into the moment during remote meetings and presentations with precise details and life like images and video. You can seamlessly switch between tasks, add drawings, make handwritten annotations, zoom in and zoom out and undo changes with unmatched precision with either your fingertips or the touch pen.

Also known as an Interactive Flat Panel Display (IFPD), this versatile and easy to transport device can be conveniently mounted or placed flat on any surface. They come in a variety of sizes and resolutions. The anti-glare touchscreen with LED backlighting helps to ensure that viewers can see what is on your screen in almost any lighting conditions.

Leverage its versatile architecture to add your choice of controllers for more secure, interactive and productive meetings. Pair the device with a wide range of video communication hardware, collaboration apps, cloud services and more to share information with audiences across multiple locations. Also, there’s no need to connect to a dedicated computer to operate the display or use expensive proprietary software with recurring maintenance fees.

More than ever, success in today’s faster, more connected workplace depends on visual communication and easy, secure access to your documents — wherever they may be stored. With our end-to-end solutions for modern huddle, meeting and conferencing rooms, you can share documents and collaborate with people in remote offices or on mobile devices as if you were all in the same room. Now, reduce travel time and costs for face-to-face meetings, improve meeting productivity and stay better connected.

We can help you select the perfect display for your home, office or classroom. Contact TGI today to get started.

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