ECM Drives Positive Change

Posted July 2018

ECM Drives

TGI’s CIO, Brian Sampietro, was featured in a recent ENX Magazine article discussing Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Solutions. Here is an excerpt from Erik Cagle’s Replacing Processes, Not People: ECM Drives Positive Change article in ENX Magazine.

For Doing Better Business, ECM solutions are not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Every customer it encounters has its unique needs and it all centers around fixing holes in the process, eliminating missing paper and bringing electronic optimization to clients for whom the process can be foreign.

Bringing order to the typical chaos of an unmanaged share drive and determining the long-term housing needs to help meet regulatory compliance is a great kick-starter for the ECM conversation for TGI. But Sampietro believes the true power of ECM is solving business challenges by optimizing and automating processes. Ferreting out which processes an end-user employs that are currently manual—and determining whether a client experiences delays due to its inability to track progress or notify people effectively when they need to do something—can truly draw attention to the value of an effective implementation.

“Recently, one of our most successful conversation starters has been to ask questions about security requirements, which is becoming more important across all industries as we see breach after breach reported in the news,” he added.

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