Essential Solutions for Remote Work

Posted December 2020

Work is drastically different from before. But business needs to happen from wherever and whenever. If you work in a document-centric industry, you already know the time and effort it takes to manage your paper-based information. Add new challenges related to working remotely and the critical workflows you rely on to run your business might completely stop.

Even when on-site/in-office work stalls, basic and essential daily operations must keep moving. Essential employees are required to retrieve, scan documents for email, save to folder, and route key information to ensure distributed access to vital data.

Get documents to the right place, in the right format, and with the right file naming. Scan directly to the end destination in your preferred format; making document data useful, accessible, and searchable. Automatically—and properly—prepare data so that it’s readily available, consistent, and less likely to include errors or get misfiled right from your MFP.

Improve productivity by automating mundane and manual tasks with an affordable solution, Ricoh Smart Integration. Capabilities are delivered via the cloud; no new hardware, software, servers, IT support or maintenance required for your business to get up and running. Seamlessly connect vital information to cloud storage accounts like Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, Google Drive, and SharePoint.

TGI can help you choose the solution that works best for you and your business. It’s easy to get started, just contact us for more information!

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