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Posted May 2018

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TGI Managing Tax Documents

ABOUT THE CUSTOMER – Managing Tax Documents
This client is one of the oldest, year-round income tax preparation businesses in Staten Island. They are a well-diversified firm handling all aspects of taxation for both individual and business clients. With over thirty years of experience, their firm offers accounting services to clients throughout the United States. Their qualified and experienced staff works with a broad range tax situations, ranging from very simple to very complex tax returns. They provide advisory services for delinquent prior year returns, business and personal financial planning, new business start-ups, residential and commercial mortgages, estates, rental properties, stock options, tax deferred annuities, tax shelters, mutual funds, and IRAs.

They had requested a software solution that will allow them to manage all their client’s tax documents in an organized, searchable fashion. They were in need of an Electronic Document Management System. One of the key benefits of an Electronic Document Management System is the ability to not only file and organize electronic documents but to also automate business processes by capturing them electronically. This leads to reduced filing costs, significant reductions in processing time, and minimization of human error such as lost paper documents, delayed approvals, and missed deadlines. They were also interested in regaining valuable office space by eliminating their physical storage files.

TGI analyzed the current document filing processes and then implemented Square 9 SmartSearch Professional System. They now scan all client documentation into the Square 9 system. The solution also gave them the ability to connect to their existing tax preparation software. From the software, they can easily search for files in SmartSearch. Square9 has given them the ability to dramatically reduce paper within their organization. They are able to easily manage all the documentation.

The accounting firm now stores all of their client files in an easy-to-use document management system, Square9. This eliminated having to locate client documentation in several places as well as eliminating their file storage cabinets. Processing tax returns is now much quicker and less cumbersome.

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