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Posted April 2017

myTGI Learning Center is an online dashboard that provides TGI customers the ability to manage their equipment and serviceable items quickly and easily. We have created a Learning Center with videos and “How To” PDFs to show how myTGI simplifies managing your office equipment. Check it out!

How to View Your Equipment
See all of your company’s equipment in one snapshot. This allows you to easily manage each device in your fleet. Companies with multiple locations especially benefit from this consolidated view.

How to Place a Service Call
myTGI allows you to place a service request quickly so you can be back up and running as soon as possible. You can view the status of placed service calls to see the progress in real time.

How to Place a Supply Order
Ordering supplies has never been easier! You can track your toner order each step of the way from when it is picked in one of warehouses to when it arrives to your office.

How to Enter a Meter Reading 
When it comes time to enter a monthly meter reading, myTGI simplifies the process. Enter multiple readings in no time at all. Instead of entering meters manually, learn how to automate your meter readings via TGI Monitor for FREE!

How to Enter a Payment Method
Either enter a credit card for one time use or store it for future payments via our secure payment gateway.

How to Pay an Invoice
Save time by taking care of multiple invoices at once or if you prefer, you can pay each invoice individually with a different payment method. On the dashboard you can view which are due as well as refer to detailed payment history.

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