myTGI Simplifies How You Manage Your Devices

Posted May 2018


myTGI is an online dashboard that provides TGI customers the ability to manage their equipment and serviceable items quickly and easily.

Through the myTGI webpage, you can accomplish the following:

  • Place service requests and view service information (history, open calls, status, etc.)
  • Place supply orders and view order information (history, status, etc.)
  • Input meter readings manually or automate the task
  • View meter information
  • View equipment/item information by location
  • Pay invoices using a credit card or ACH account

Here is an example of what your dashboard may look like:

dashboard zoomed in

It is important to us that placing a service call or a supply order is simple. We understand that when you need something from TGI you need it quickly to complete your job. Our goal to lessen the amount of time it takes for you to manage your devices and we want to be completely transparent to show you the status and progress of things that matter to you. We want to make it easier to take care of an invoice or update a meter reading. All the tools to do these tasks are now at your fingertips in the myTGI dashboard.
myTGI works well for our customer with one machine. It also is extremely helpful to our customers with locations across the US. You can see your entire fleet in one snapshot and all the details you need are all in one place.

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