Secure, Digital Faxing with XM Fax

Posted October 2022

Are you interested in moving to digital cloud faxing and secure file transfer while eliminating your costly analog phone lines? TGI has a digital faxing solution that delivers security and convenience from either your phone, desktop or MFP. Presenting… XM Fax from XMedius!

Does your company fax sensitive files?
What happens when a sensitive fax job is missing?
What happens when a sent fax is not confirmed?
What types of regulations does your company have to comply with?
How does your current fax process support the security, audit, and retention policy for your organization?

XM Fax can address all of these issues. Due to business-critical workflows and security regulations fax is needed. Unfortunately, regular email is the number one point of intrusion on a network and is not a secure, compliant form of communication.

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