TGI Provides Substantial Savings with eGoldFax to a NJ School District

Posted February 2019

Substantial Savings with eGoldFax

TGI Provides Substantial Savings with eGoldFax to an NJ School District

ABOUT THE CUSTOMER: TGI Provides Substantial Savings with eGoldFax. This School District in Middlesex County, New Jersey services kindergarten through 12th grade in two schools.

The District had 4 fax lines in 2 locations, all of which were analog/POTS lines connected to various fax machines and multifunction devices. The costs associated with these lines alone were over $140.00 per month. In addition, outbound faxing was limited to the 4 walk-up machines. The District’s IT staff wanted to increase productivity. They also needed an additional line for a new department.

With the many budget cuts in the State of New Jersey, we understand that many districts are extremely cost conscience, so we are always looking outside the box to cut costs. Once we determined what the District was spending on their current fax environment, we were able to propose a solution to save money over their current spend as well as increase functionality in the District. TGI offered the cloud fax product, eGoldFax, as this would not require any in-house server or computer for implementation, nor any internal IT resources to manage. The use of the cloud fax software eliminates the need for fax kits to be installed into the multi-function printers (MFPs) which creates a substantial savings.

TGI was able to port the existing 4 analog lines from the current telecom carrier to eGoldFax, eliminating the analog lines and all costs associated with those lines. In addition, the school staff can now send faxes directly from their desktops using email, while also receiving an email confirmation for the fax transmission. Staff can also use the Cloud Fax connector app on the MFP to seamlessly send faxes as if a fax board was installed on the machine or simply fax via email by sending an electronic version of the document from their PC. The customer was extremely pleased that TGI was able to provide more than just equipment.

TGI is a comprehensive office technology provider. Our family-owned company has been in business since 1964. We provide enterprise solutions with unmatched support. TGI offers copiers, printers, mailing equipment, and document software solutions. With a suite of first-class products, we are able to customize each solution to best fit the customer’s needs.

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