Track Usage by Printer, User, Department, or Location with TGI Track

Posted February 2015

TGI Track

TGI Track allows your organization to track usage by printer, user, department, or location for documents printed on TGI provided MFPs as well as network printers.

Today’s multi-function devices (MFDs) have the ability to run  embedded software directly on the device. TGI Tracks is an automated printer asset tracking solution. The software provides extensive usage reporting and trend analysis which ensures that the most cost effective printing devices are being used. Monthly automated executive summary reports and detailed usage reports will show an overview of your organization’s printing as well as individual usage.

The software is  ideal for organizations of all sizes, from schools to engineering, graphic design, architectural, and accounting firms to advertising, legal and IT. In every printing environment it is imperative to have transparency. TGI Tracks provides transparency into your  printing volumes, giving you the ability to make better decisions.

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